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Expiring equipment matrix up date.

Wow, the developer team are currently working on the Cat 1,2,34, forms to make the expiring equipment matrix work to it's full potential.

The matrix will auto populate from the dates filled throughout the forms, and send email notices to owners and clubs 30 days prior to the equipment expiry.

This action will also render the audit expired at the Category the boat has attained, Eg: Consider a Cat 1 boat where the LIFE-RAFT Service date is expired, the boat will no longer be Cat 1 until the Life- Raft service date is rectified, this does not mean the boat can not compete at say Cat 5 for instance.

This is a great new feature and will assist owners and event organizers manage their boats with ease, it's also a ripper feature for us auditors as well " Less work for us :0) "

We hope to have this feature completed before 30 June 2017 




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